Bus Passenger In Halifax Accident: " I Thought We Were Going To Die"

It was a traumatic ending to a relaxing trip... a charter bus carrying 54 senior citizens back from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Williamston in Martin County struck a tractor trailer in Halifax County Thursday night.

All the people onboard were from Eastern Carolina. It happened around 7:15 Thursday evening on Highway 125 near Highway 903. The accident happened when the charter bus and a tractor trailer collided.

Officials say six passengers were seriously injured. Dozens were checked out at the hospital and released. Friday, many of the passengers traveled to Halifax County wrecking yard to retrieve their luggage and other personal items trapped in the bus.

Passenger William Hagerty of Beaufort County says when the accident occurred, he feared the worst saying, "I thought for sure we were gone. I didn't know whether there was water on the right side, but all I could visualize was sliding into that water and drowning."

Investigators with state highway patrol are still investigating the cause of the accident, and have not confirmed whether charges will be filed.