Dangerous Training For Dangerous Mission

Imagine hooking a 9000 pound steel beam to a swinging hook while battling wind gusts up to 150 miles per hour and avoiding electric shock. It's all in a days work for the helicopter support team of Second Marine Logistics Group at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville. Their office is a massive CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter, nearly as big as the Osprey.

We got to see that risk firsthand, as we took our camera out to the training ground in Holly Ridge, where we watched an eight man team work through the dicey procedures. It's practicing for when they will drop ammo, water, and food to our forces in remote locations of Iraq. Without this team of Marines and others like it, those supplies wouldn't get there. The CH-53 helicopter these marines are training on can lift over 30,000 pounds, even lifting things such as Humvees.