Nifong Lawyers Say He Didn't Mean To Violate Rules

Attorneys for Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong say in a filing with the state bar he did not intentionally violate ethics rules when prosecuting the Duke lacrosse case.

The written response by the Durham District Attorney was filed today. A complaint was filed with the bar over his handling of the sexual offense case against three former players.

The bar complaint accused Nifong of withholding evidence from defense lawyers. He also is lying to the court and to bar investigators and of making misleading and inflammatory comments about the players.

Legal experts say Nifong could be disbarred if he's convicted.

Nifong's lawyers said in the 50-page filing that he did make misleading comments. the lawyers also deny that Nifong intentionally withheld DNA evidence from the defense.

The response to the charges said Nifong should get a full hearing.

Rape charges were dismissed against the three players, who were accused by a dancer hired for a team party last year. But the former players still face sexual offense and kidnap charges.