Governor Calls For A Block On OLF Funding

Governor Easley is asking the state's
congressional delegation to block money for a proposed Navy jet
landing field in Washington and Beaufort Counties.
The governor says he's frustrated and disappointed that the
military still wants to build near a wildlife refuge.
Easley's letter was sent Friday, the same day that the Navy
released its latest environmental study for the estimated 230
million dollar project.
In the study, the Navy again concludes that a 30-thousand-acre
site in Washington and Beaufort counties remains the best place for
the practice strip.
Easley had asked that the field be built in Carteret County. He
called on Congress to withhold funding "until the Navy is willing
to consider reasonable alternatives."
The Navy argues there is a critical need for the strip.
It would support training for F/A-18 Super Hornet jet fighters
that will be based in Virginia and North Carolina. The remote
landing field would allow the fighter jets to simulate night
landings on aircraft carriers.