Roanoke Island Touts Its History As First English Colony

Before the English settled in Jamestown, Virginia, they stopped at Roanoke Island. Officials on the Outer Banks island hope tourists who celebrate Jamestown's 400th anniversary will make a stop on the way.

Roanoke Island is about 130 miles south of Jamestown. It's the short-lived precursor to the Jamestown settlement, which was the first successful English colony in the New World. Tourism officials on the Outer Banks say they can offer visitors the story behind Jamestown's success.

The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau also partnered with a British travel company to establish weekly direct flights from London to Norfolk, Virginia, between May and October.

More than 100 people settled on Roanoke Island in 1587, 20 years before Jamestown was settled. They vanished sometime between August of that year and 1590. The story of the colony is played out each year in "The Lost Colony."