Parents Sue Over Charlotte DWI Crash That Killed Couple

The parents of a young couple who died in a wrong-way drunken-driving wreck last February are suing the teenage driver who was accused in their deaths.

In the wrongful-death lawsuits filed in Mecklenburg Superior Court, Michael Bryant and Eduardo Rivera accused Franklin of gross negligence in the deaths of Eddel Rivera and Richard Charles Bryant, who planned to marry.

Franklin pleaded no contest in December to two counts of second-degree murder. He is serving a prison sentence of at least 12 years.

The lawsuits accuse three convenience stores of selling alcohol to teenagers who attended a party where Franklin and other teenagers were drinking on the night of the fatal wreck. They also accuse teenagers of using fake I-Ds to buy alcohol that was taken to the house where the party was held.

The families of Rivera and Bryant are each seeking compensatory and punitive damages.