Jacksonville Woman Faces Two Years In Prison For Throwing McDonald's Cup

A 25-year-old mother of three finds out today if she's going to prison for throwing a cup of ice into a car that cut her off on Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Jessica Hall of Jacksonville, North Carolina, was convicted of "maliciously throwing a missile into a vehicle." It's a felony, and a jury has recommended a two-year sentence, but the judge can still reduce it.

Hall says she was angry when the car driven by a D-C man and his girlfriend moved in front of her twice. She, her kids and her pregnant sister were driving to New York.

Hall flung the McDonald's cup over her car and into the other car, where it flew across the driver and landed all over his girlfriend.

She tells A-P Television News that she was shocked by her conviction and she's concerned about her family and her children.

Hall's husband is in the military in Iraq, and she says she's afraid the situation is drawing his attention away from his duties.