Jacksonville Woman Faces Two Years In Prison For Throwing McDonald's Cup

A woman who has already been in jail for a month faces two years in prison for "maliciously throwing a missile into a vehicle." Her crime? Flinging a McDonald's cup of ice into a car that had cut her off on the highway in Stafford, Virginia.

Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Hall of Jacksonville, North Carolina says she was mad when it all happened last summer, but never expected this.

She says the car driven by a D-C man and his girlfriend merged in front of her twice on Interstate 95, as she, her kids and her pregnant sister were driving to New York. Hall flung the McDonald's cup over her car and into the other car, where it flew across the driver and landed all over his girlfriend.

To locals and even some of Hall's fellow inmates, the story is known as the McMissile case.

A Stafford County judge instructed the jury that any physical object can be a missile and be propelled by any force, including throwing.

The jury convicted Hall and recommended the minimum of two years in prison.