U.S. Senator Dole To Run Again

U-S Senator Elizabeth Dole is back on the
campaign trail. The Republican has declared her intentions to run for a second term in what she calls --quote-- "the worst political environment
in memory." Some had speculated whether the 70-year-old Republican would continue her political career. The North Carolina senator recently
underwent hip-replacement surgery, had been slow to assemble a
campaign staff and had only raised a small sum for her campaign
account. But Dole strategist Mark Stephens says the senator doesn't feel a sense of urgency because Democrats have had difficulty recruiting a viable candidate to compete. Dole spent the past two years as the chairwoman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee -- leading the party through a difficult election that saw Democrats take control of the Senate. She still supports President Bush and the war effort in Iraq, including Bush's politically unpopular troop surge plan.