Lawmaker Renews Effort To Hasten NC Presidential Primaries

When the nation picked presidential nominees in 2004, North Carolina was out of the loop.

That year, a court fight over redistricting delayed the usual May primary elections by months. Even in a normal year, a crowded field of presidential candidates is often whittled down to a few names by the time North Carolina voters have a chance to pick their party favorite.

State Senator Andrew Brock of Davie County wants to change that. He's filed a bill to move the state's presidential primaries to the first Tuesday in February.

Davie says he would have loved it if the presidential candidates had come to the state to talk about issues particular to the state.

Odds are, Davie won't get his wish. He filed a similar bill in the last session, and it died in committee. State elections officials don't like separating the presidential balloting from other primary races because of what it costs.