Judge Rules Mother In Prison Can Talk To Child

A New Hanover County judge says the woman serving 25 years for killing her husband can talk to her 7-year-old daughter but can't see her in person.

Ann Miller Kontz was sentenced in 2005 after she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges in the arsenic poisoning death of her first husband Eric Miller.

Since Kontz was arrested, her daughter Clare has lived in Wilmington with her sister and brother-in-law, Daniel and Danielle.

Wilson. District Court Judge Phyllis Gorham didn't bar Kontz from contact with her child, as Miller's parents wanted.

Lawyers in the case say Kontz can't call her daughter and that contact must be initiated by the Wilsons. Also, the Millers and their daughter were given visitation of 18 days in summer and three days at Christmas.

They also can visit her in Wilmington three weekends during the school year and can call her every Sunday night and have access to her school and dental records.