Hearing Delayed In Murder Case Of Former Soldier

A hearing for a former soldier who was brought back to the Army so he could be charged with murder has been delayed because his lawyers need more time to prepare.

The Army says an Article 32 hearing for Master Sergeant Timothy B. Hennis had been scheduled for Tuesday, but was moved to April 2nd. An Article 32 hearing is the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury.

Hennis was charged with raping an Air Force officer's wife and killing her and two of her children near Fort Bragg in 1985. He was convicted in state court and sentenced to death in 1986, but awarded a new trial at which he was exonerated in 1989. Hennis resumed his military service and retired in 2004.

State prosecutors tested a D-N-A sample from the case and last year gave the evidence to the Army, which called Hennis from his retirement so he could be charged last November in military court. Hennis couldn't be charged again in state court.