Meth In NC

From the North Carolina Attorney General's website:

"Fighting Clandestine Drug Labs
In the past few years, the number of illegal clandestine drug labs in North Carolina has skyrocketed, going from nine labs busted by SBI agents in 1999 to 322 in 2004. Most of these labs produce methamphetamine, a highly addictive synthetic drug that is easy to make using household chemicals and equipment. Meth brings violence and danger into neighborhoods, puts children who live in homes where the drug is made at risk, and pollutes our ground and water with toxic chemicals.

Attorney General Roy Cooper, along with SBI experts, has brought together law enforcement officers, health and social services workers, and prosecutors to fight the spread of these secret drug labs across the state. Thanks to tougher laws, criminals who manufacture methamphetamine now serve active prison time. Penalties for possessing precursor ingredients needed to "cook" the drug have also increased. In addition, meth has been added to the list of drugs that can trigger a charge of second-degree murder when the drug causes an overdose death.

SBI agents who bust meth labs find children living in more than one-third of homes where this dangerous drug is manufactured. North Carolina law now makes it an additional criminal penalty when a child is present in a meth lab or endangered by meth, and also adds 24 months to a convicted meth maker's sentence if a law enforcement officer or other first responder is injured in a meth lab bust.

The SBI will continue to help local law enforcement fight meth labs in communities across North Carolina."