Federal Judge Expels Klan Leader After Comments In Court

A federal judge tossed a self-proclaimed Ku Klux Klan leader out of his courtroom after the man went on a rant about court procedures during a motions hearing.

Charles Robert Barefoot Jr. was arrested in 2002 after his home near Benson was raided and investigators found equipment to make bombs. He and six others, including his son and wife, are charged with conspiring to blow up the Johnston County courthouse by trafficking in stolen weapons.

U-S District Court Judge Terrence Boyle delayed the motions hearing and sent Barefoot for psychological testing. When Barefoot was allowed to speak, he told the court he was fed up with people stalling and that he was competent to stand trial. Boyle then told him, "That's all gibberish, and that doesn't make any sense. That kooky stuff you are doing right now is almost proof positive that you are not competent."

Barefoot was led away without answering Boyle.