Droopy Pants Costs Thief TV

He lost the flat-screen T-V he was trying to steal because he lost his baggy pants. Now, police say a Mount Airy man is about to lose his freedom as well.

Authorities say Randall Nathan Wall Junior tried to walk out of a Wal-Mart with a 20-inch L-C-D flat-screen television without paying. Mount Airy police say when the man was confronted by store personnel, he told them his mother was behind him and she had the receipt.

A police spokesman says when the suspect tried to get away, his pants fell to his ankles and the T-V fell to the floor. Wall fled in a waiting pickup truck, but a Wal-Mart employee followed in a personal car and gave police the location.

Wall, who's been arrested for multiple larcenies at the Wal-Mart, is acing new charges. He's being held under two-thousand dollars secured bond.

The driver of the pickup, Lorie Chell Underwood, had a fugitive warrant from Patrick County, Virginia, and faces charges related to the attempted theft.