Farmers Go Online To Find Two-Legged Companions

Farmers need love, too -- and not just from their four-legged friends. is a dating Web site for farmers and for people who want to date farmers. Almost 50-thousand users have posted profiles since the site was launched more than a year ago.

About 100 people from the Charlotte area have logged on, including Erin McCarthy, a 39-year-old alpaca farmer. She says at the end of the day, animals are cool, but you need people in your life.

Founder Jerry Miller says while he tries to make the Web site fun, finding a date for farmers is a problem. He says they don't often have time to meet new people, or they live in small towns where dating prospects are limited.

"Countrybutterfly" is a 49-year-old Bessemer City woman who enjoys living in the country. She logged on and met a corn and soybean grower in Illinois.

They dated seven months, visiting each other once a month. In the end, it didn't work out. She's still looking.