New Hanover DA Turns Over Investigation To Attorney General

New Hanover County's district attorney says he'll no longer pursue a criminal case against a former deputy accused of killing a Durham teen in a botched raid. D-A Ben David says he'll turn over the investigation to the state Attorney General's office.

He says that after presenting the case to the grand jury, it's not appropriate that his office do it again. He says sending it to the grand jury again would be seen as a vendetta, and that if it isn't reconsidered, some might see the move as a whitewash.

Peyton Strickland was shot to death on December 1st by deputies serving arrest and search warrants. Strickland and two friends were accused of assaulting a U-N-C Wilmington student and stealing two PlayStation 3 consoles from him.

A murder charge against Corporal Christopher Long was dismissed after the jury foreman said he checked the wrong box on the indictment form and that jurors didn't find enough evidence to charge Long with murder.