Goodyear Warns Some School Bus Tires May Not Be Safe

Goodyear is warning North Carolina officials that the school buses that children rode to class this morning may have problems with their tires.

The tire manufacturer says it's concerned that the state's retread contractor, White's Tire Service of Wilson, stamped inaccurate information on some reworked Goodyear bus tires. The information suggests the recycled tires can carry up to 15 percent more weight than Goodyear considers safe.

\A Goodyear official says White's Tire also mislabeled those retreaded tires with a recommended inflation level that's too low. That's a factor that would further reduce the tires' safe carrying capacity below their original rating. However, the Goodyear official says the mislabeled tires probably are not an imminent threat because school buses are relatively light and do not stress tires to their limits

A spokesman for White's Tire says all its tires are safe and the labeling problem was corrected more than two years ago.