Error In Programming At ECU Puts Confidential Information On Website

East Carolina University

Someone has access to your personal information. But that's exactly what thousands and thousands of people currently or formerly associated with ECU are being told.

How could such a thing happen? Officials at East Carolina University say an error in the programming of their "One Stop" website, led to the unauthorized access of confidential information.

School officials say ECU is mailing out about 65 thousand letters to current and former students, faculty and staff, who may be affected.

Among the information that was exposed: Social security numbers, student judicial information, parking information and in some cases, credit card numbers with expiration dates.

Normally, a password and user name would have kept unauthorized people from viewing the information.

The problem was reported by a student visiting the site on January 29th. The confidential information was exposed for a full week.

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Kevin Seitz, says they're considering replacing the current website as its convenience was also its weakness.

The problematic change in the web site's programming was actually part of ECU's move away from using sensitive information, like social security numbers as a personal identifier.

If you think your information has been compromised, there are a couple of things you can do.

ECU has set up a toll free hot line for you to call. That number is 1-877-328-6660.

The number won't be up and running though until Monday. However, there is also a website, which is now available: