Jury Convicts Father For Injuries Caused To 3-Month-Old

A Wilmington man faces up to 10 years in prison for felony child abuse after shaking his infant son severely enough to cause brain damage and a broken wrist.

Eric T. Oakman was convicted Thursday by a New Hanover County Superior Court jury that took just 30 minutes to reach its decision.

A prosecutor says Oakman's son and namesake was about 3 months old when he sustained brain damage and the broken wrist in two incidents last May and June. The injuries came to light June 10th when Eric Oakman Junior became unresponsive and had seizures.

Jordan said the child now is 11 months old and can't sit up or hold his bottle.

The defense blamed others who cared for the baby for the injuries and said the baby also could have been hurt when he fell off a bed while strapped into a car seat. Prosecution experts said the injuries were as severe as those of someone in a motorcycle wreck.