Why Someone Would Abandon A Newborn

It's hard to understand how someone could abandon a newborn baby. As we told you Wednesday, North Carolina does have a safe surrender law. That means a mother can safely, without fear of charges, hand over her baby under seven days old to a responsible party. We spoke with a clinical psychologist and a pediatrician to learn more about what a mother may be feeling when she decides to abandon her baby. Dr. Elaine Cabinum-Foeller, a pediatrician, says, "Sometimes when women find out they're pregnant they can be overwhelmed, they don't know who to turn to and sometimes they don't know what options are available to them." Clinical psychologist Beverly Harju says, "Someone who maybe has a lot of doubts about their ability. They may be anxious about having a child, or feeling resentment and fear of being trapped for so many years. The whole change in their life. They're struggling with more negative feelings." Other reasons experts suggest that may cause a new mother to abandon her baby could be she's struggling with financial or religious issues, she's not ready to bond with a child, she did not have adequate mothering herself or she is alone without a spouse or significant other.