Woman Sentenced To Probation In ECU Dorm Fire

A 19-year-old Grifton woman accused of setting a fire at her East Carolina University dorm last year is facing four years of supervised probation.

Latasha Ann Isler was charged with first-degree arson. She entered an Alford plea Wednesday to a charge of burning a public building, which is a lesser felony.

The Alford plea means Isler didn't admit guilt but recognized that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her if the case went to trial.

Part of the plea agreement includes nine months of intensive probation, completion of 100 hours of community service and payment of nearly three-thousand dollars in restitution to the university and her roommate. She's also banned from the E-C-U campus.

Prosecutors say the fire was set on her roommate's bed March 29th in Clement Hall, apparently because she was unhappy that the roommate's boyfriend was a frequent visitor.

Hundreds of people were evacuated and one suffered smoke inhalation.