Man Pardoned Will Not Sue

A man who spent 18 years in prison
for a slaying he did not commit will not sue the City of
Winston-Salem for wrongful incarceration.
That's what attorneys for Darryl Hunt tell the Winston-Salem
Hunt was freed in 2003 after police linked D-N-A samples to
another man, Willard Brown, who confessed to acting alone in the
killing of Deborah Sykes.
Governor Mike Easley granted Hunt a pardon of innocence three
years ago and Hunt received 360-thousand dollars in compensation
for the 18 years that he spent in prison.
By law, Hunt had three years to file a lawsuit after being
His attorneys indicate Hunt and the city may be near a
settlement for compensation.
Mayor Allen Joines has said that the city council would probably
announce a settlement at a February 19th meeting.