PETA Workers Not Guilty On Animal Cruelty Charges

A jury has found two animal rights workers
not guilty of animal cruelty for euthanizing animals they took from
Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook were cleared on eight misdemeanor
counts of animal cruelty. Hinkle was also cleared of three felony
counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.
But the pair was found guilty of littering for disposing the
animals' bodies in a trash bin.
The trial in Winton in Hertford County lasted nearly two weeks and
attracted national attention.
A defense attorney said during closing arguments that the pair
did what was going to be done anyway, and they did it in the most
humane way possible.
Cook and Hinkle were arrested in June 2005 after police said
they saw them dump bags of dead animals and found more dead animals
in their van.