Defense Attorney Says PETA Workers Accused Of Cruelty Treated Animals Humanely

The jury now has the case of two animal rights workers charged with animal cruelty.

A defense attorney for one of two animal-right workers accused of dumping the bodies of euthanized dogs and cats says the co-defendants are "pawns between law enforcement and PETA."

Durham attorney Mark Edwards says Andrew Cook and Adria Hinkle did what was going to be done anyway. He says they did it in the most humane way possible.

Prosecutors disputed Edwards' claims. Assistant District Attorney Valerie Asbell said a trial took place because Hinkle went to the Ahoskie Animal Hospital and lied to get an animal and then kill it.

The defense asked for a mistrial, arguing that Asbell improperly quoted from an unrelated PETA document found in Hinkle's van. The judge denied the request.

Cook and Hinkle were arrested in June 2005 after police said they saw them dump bags of dead animals and found more dead animals in their van.