Investigators Eye Church Fire Video Posted Online

An online video showing firefighters trying to put out a Greenville church fire started by arson has drawn attention from investigators.

The video includes the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire." It was anonymously posted on It shows a late night blaze consuming The Memorial Baptist Church in Greenville, which suffered more than a million dollars in damage on January 13th.

A spokesman for the Greenville Police Department says a task force of local, state and federal agencies began to look into the video shortly after it was posted. He had no other comment.

Along with the fire at The Memorial, authorities responded the same night to a second fire at nearby Unity Free Will Baptist Church and a break-in at a third church. No one has been charged in the incidents, and officials haven't named any suspects.

The YouTube video was apparently filmed from across the street. The site says the video has been viewed nearly 300 times.