Report Released In Couple's Death On I-95

A report released Wednesday says the South
Carolina couple killed when their car ran off Interstate 95 and
into a swamp near Rocky Mount probably had less than 90 seconds before the car
was completely submerged.
Wayne Anthony Guay and his wife, Dianne, were on their
way to Queens, New York on December 7th when their car swerved off
the road. Authorities didn't find the vehicle for four days.
The Highway Patrol's crash reconstruction team believes the
vehicle traveled down a 10-foot embankment, entered the water and
struck a partially submerged tree. The team says the tree shattered
a window and jarred open the trunk of the car, allowing water to
fill the car very quickly.
The report also says the vehicle became submerged in 12 feet of
water and was surrounded by what it called "natural barriers that
prevented either door from opening."
Family members have criticized authorities for not thoroughly
searching for the Guays' vehicle.