Former Pentagon Contractor Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison

A former Pentagon contractor from Fayetteville is facing prison for steering millions in Iraqi reconstruction aid to a businessman in xchange for a variety of items including sexual favors.

Robert Stein is also ordered to forfeit more than three and a half million dollars and serve three years' probation along with a prison term of up to nine years.

Stein pleaded guilty in February 2006 to bribery, money laundering conspiracy and other charges. He admitted conspiring with a U-S citizen with businesses in Romania, a lieutenant colonel in the U-S Army Reserves, and others including several high-ranking Army officers.

One of the co-conspirators bid on projects using dummy corporations. Court documents say Stein ensured that one of the firms was awarded the contract.

Businessmen allegedly showered Stein with luxury gifts such as cash, premium airline seats, jewelry and sexual favors from women at his Baghdad villa.