Defense Meets With New Prosecutors In Duke Lacrosse Case

A hearing scheduled for next Monday in the Duke lacrosse case has been postponed as the new prosecution team gets more familiar with the case.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys met this morning with the special prosecutors appointed by the state Attorney General's office to take over for Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong.

This morning's meeting lasted two hours. It was the first time the two sides have met to discuss the case. After the meeting, defense attorneys Joe Cheshire and Wade Smith said the discussion went well and they look forward to working with the new prosecutors.

Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans face first-degree sexual assault and kidnapping charges stemming from a woman's allegations that she was assaulted by them at a team party in March.

Last month, Nifong dropped rape charges against the three after the accuser wavered in her account of key details in the case. All three men have strongly proclaimed their innocence.