Company Bills New Recumbent Bike As World's First

It's called the Cruzbike, and it's billed as the world's first front-wheel on a recumbent bicycle.

Recumbent bikes place the rider in a "seated position," with his legs extended forward to pedals that are the same height as the seat.

Unlike with a regular bike, the rider's back is fully supported in a chair-like seat.

The bike is the brainchild of Lumberton residents Jim and Maria Parker, and Rob Redfearn, who've partnered with Australian designer John Tolhurst. Together they design, produce, market and sell the recumbent bicycle.

Cruzbikes' first shipment arrived at its Lumberton warehouse on December 22nd.

The company has two eight-speed models -- the Sofrider sells for 975 dollars and the Freerider sells for 995. They accommodate riders who range in height from 5 feet, 1 inch, to 6 feet, 3 inches.

A racing model frame, the Silvio, will be launched in March.