Parents Defend Sons In On-Campus Fight

The parents of three Guilford College football players charged with ethnic intimidation are defending their sons today.

That comes nearly a week after an on-campus fight between the
players and three Palestinian students. Guilford College is in Greensboro.

The statement issued by the parents of Michael Bates, Michael Robert Six and Christopher Barnette asked the public not to prejudge the players. It also said one of the accusers attacked Six during the altercation last weekend.

Five players now face charges of misdemeanor assault and ethnic
intimidation charges in connection with the racially tinged fight. The charges were approved by a magistrate judge and do not reflect
the results of a police investigation.

A lawyer for the Palestinian students says the fight was an
unprovoked attack. He says the two Guilford College students and a
friend from N-C State were just minding their own business.