Oops! You're Not Really Accepted

 UNC Tarheels

An e-mail sent by mistake told some 2700 potential freshmen that they’d been accepted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Undergraduate admissions director Stephen Farmer says an employee pulled up the wrong distribution list for a generic e-mail telling accepted students to send in their mid-year high-school grades.

At the same time on Tuesday, he says another employee modified the generic e-mail to add the words, “Congratulations again on your admission to the university.”

Farmer says the staff recognized the mistake almost immediately and tried to kill the e-mail before it went to too many applicants.

The students who received the e-mail actually have to wait until March to see if they’re accepted.

The admissions department spent yesterday sending out 9500 e-mails to all candidates whose applications are still under review explaining the mistake and apologizing.