Governor Rescinds Judicial Appointment For Prosecutor

Dale Stubbs didn't get to sit on the District Court bench for long. The former prosecutor thought he was a newly appointed judge until Governor Easley withdrew the announcement of the appointment a couple hours after publicizing it.

Easley's office wouldn't comment on Friday's decision to rescind the appointment of Stubbs. He lost the race for Johnston County district attorney and quit his job as an assistant at the end of the year.

Some law enforcement officers say Easley's decision might have come after authorities accused Stubbs of offering lenient plea deals in drug cases. Stubbs says the handling of those cases wasn't different from others he has worked as a prosecutor.

The sheriff's office has complained about several plea deals, including one of a man with 57 marijuana plants in his home who was put through a counseling program for small-time drug users. Also, charges were dropped against a man accused of attacking an officer.