"Project Care" Helping Military Families

Saturday at Camp Lejeune, over 12,000 Marines will get ready to deploy to the Middle East, leaving behind their families and loved ones.

For these families, dealing with long periods of time away from their loved ones is nothing short of difficult.

But one program in Onslow County is working to help these families cope and working to keep them in the area. It's called "Project Care. It’s a program that matches resources and needs to family members with a loved one overseas serving our country.

Businesses like Equine Country in Jacksonville offer incentives or discounts for these families.

For example, Equine Country gives free carriage rides the first Saturday of the month.

"Project Care" started in 1991, but wasn't officially activated until January 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

There are over 20 businesses in the county that participate in "Project Care."