Fees Urged For Trash Dumped In State Landfills

An environmental regulator told lawmakers
that the state should charge statewide fees on trash sent to
Robin Smith, assistant secretary of the state Department of
Environment and Natural Resources, says the state also should
toughen rules to ensure landfill owners can afford to operate them.
Smith also said a statewide "tipping" fee on garbage
placed into landfills is needed, with proceeds going to clean up
hundreds of dumps built before the state began permitting
David Barnes, an attorney representing the Carolinas chapter of
the landfill industry's management association, says members object
to the surcharge.
Lawmakers on the Environmental Review Commission have been asked
to recommend changes to landfill rules during an ongoing one-year
moratorium on new landfills. The pause has blocked at least four
proposed landfills that would significantly expand the state's
landfill capacity or collect trash from other states.