Another U.S. Congressman Calls For Investigation Into Duke Lacrosse Scandal

Another congressman wants the Department of Justice to investigate whether the district attorney in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case violated the rights of the defendants. New York Representative Peter King, whose district includes relatives of defendant Collin Finnerty, has urged Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to begin an investigation into Mike Nifong. Last week, Nifong asked to be recused from the case. Justice Department officials have rejected a similar request from North Carolina Representative Walter Jones, who still plans to meet next week with the head of the department's Civil Rights Division. Special prosecutors with the North Carolina attorney generals office have taken over the case against Finnerty, Dave Evans and Reade Seligmann. They're accused of assaulting a woman hired to perform as a stripper at a team party in March. Rape charges against the three were dropped last month after the accuser wavered on key details of the case.