Property Values Along Crystal Coast Are Skyrocketing

A property tax re-evaluation in Carteret County, the first in six years, has seen property values go up 139 percent across the county. Carl Tilghman, tax administrator in Carteret County, says the most noticeable increases will be seen in homes along the beaches and waterfronts, with some property values going up 200 percent. But Tilghman says if someones property value is going up 200 percent, it doesn't necessarily mean their tax bill will increase as well. All of that still has to be determined. Thursday on WITN 7 News at Six, we'll take an in-depth look at these skyrocketing prices, as we talk to Emerald Isle town manager Frank Rush, as well as a real estate broker about what this means for the local economy, coastal tourism and how it will impact an already slowing housing market.