Emergency Workers Try To Cope With Child's Death

Emergency responders in Clayton, NC are also struggling to cope with the death of a 4-year-old Clayton girl.

Katlin Violette's body was found by her mother in their home Friday afternoon. She had been decapitated.

E-M-S Assistant Chief Jason Thomas says emergency workers are accustomed to death and dying, but when they see something like this, it stays with them.

As part of the debriefing, Thomas says police officers, paramedics and 9-1-1 dispatchers sit as a group in a private setting to talk to grief counselors about what they saw and how they feel.

E-M-S Captain Marvin Parrish was one of the first three responders at the scene. He says it was one of the worst crime scenes they have ever dealt with ...both the scene itself and the mother's grief.

John Patrick Violette was apprehended at a Washington, D-C hotel Saturday morning. He waived extradition and is expected to return to Clayton this week to face murder charges.