About 1 In 4 Newer Students At NC A&T on Probation, Suspension

Statistics show about one in four undergraduate students who enrolled at North Carolina A-and-T in the fall is under academic probation or suspension.

That total 25-hundred-62 students out of an undergraduate enrollment of 96-hundred-87 -- was significantly higher than other similar public universities in the region.

Of the nearly 11-thousand undergraduate students enrolled at U-N-C Greensboro last spring, only 5 and a half percent were put on academic probation and 2-point-7 percent on academic suspension.

Winston-Salem State University, a historically black university like A-and-T, had 144 students on academic probation and 371 on suspension in the fall out of an enrollment of eight-thousand.

Administrators at A-and-T attribute the roughly 400 percent increase from fall 2005 to fall 2006 to a renewed and strict compliance of university policies. It's not clear why the rules weren't followed more closely in the past.