Anti-Smoking Movement Growing In N.C.

It began 30 years ago as a quirky California
movement to ban smoking in restaurants, bars and other public
Now, one of every two Americans lives in a place with laws to
keep the workplace smoke-free.
Advocates recently won victories to pass smoking bans in Nevada
and Ohio. Anti-smoking lobbyists are now working with local and
state officials from across the nation on how to bring the other
half of the country around.
Nevada was among seven states and 116 communities that enacted
tough smoke-free laws last year. Advocacy group Americans for
Nonsmokers' Rights says 22 states and 577 municipalities prohibit
smoking in the workplace.
North Carolina is the nation's Number One tobacco-producing
state, but Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess says the
anti-smoking front is also growing in the Tar Heel state.