Horse-Riding Program That Helps Kids In Need Of New Home.

Stacey Ryder has witnessed therapeutic
miracles among the 30 disabled children she teaches.
It's all happened since she started Reins From Above in Clayton
15 months ago.
The miracles include a 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who
couldn't hold her head up, much less talk, who now rides head held
high, singing a song.
There's a 5-year-old girl with spina bifida who now has enough
muscle strength and balance to walk with braces. And a 3-year-old
autistic boy who uttered his first word from atop a quarter horse:
But despite its successes, Reins From Above may soon fall victim
to a familiar story in the Triangle.
The original owners of the farm are dead, and the heirs are
selling the land.
When the sale goes through, Reins From Above will need a new
location, most likely by springtime.