Monet Lovers Willing To Part With Tickets To See Exhibit

Forget the Carolina Hurricanes, and never mind the top-ranked men's basketball team at the University of North Carolina. The toughest ticket in these parts is the "Monet in Normandy" exhibit at the N-C Museum of Art.

People have resorted to desperate measures to see the exhibit before it leaves town. There's also word that people are passing up tickets to see the Tar Heels for a chance to view the water lilies at the sold-out exhibit.

Robin Parrish of Raleigh traded two 75-dollar tickets to a Hurricanes game against the Washington Capitals for a pair of 15-dollar tickets for the Monet exhibit.

How loyal a fan is Parrish? During the team's run to the Stanley Cup last season, she was pregnant and in the hospital. Parrish says she watched the finals in the hospital, and nurses had to go into her room and tell her to stop yelling.

From Raleigh, the Monet exhibit goes to Cleveland.