Woman Held In Syaracuse Faces Kidnapping Charges In NC

A Florida woman accused of kidnapping her 17-month-old twins from their adoptive parents and taking the children to Canada is being held in custody in Syracuse.

Authorities say Allison Quets of Orlando will be transported to North Carolina this week to face an international kidnapping charge. She ppeared yesterday in a federal court in Syracuse, New York, after being extradited from Canada.

Quets was arrested late last month in Ottawa after spending a week on the run with her twins. She says she gave up the children while suffering from postpartum illness.

The twins have been returned to their adoptive parents in Apex (North Carolina). Quets challenged the legality of the adoption but lost before a Florida judge. She has appealed the ruling.

Quets lived in Orlando but kept an apartment in Durham so she could see the twins while she appealed the adoption.