Camden County Church To Perform Marathon Bible Reading

Members of a new church in Camden County have a plan that they hope will inspire them to better service, resolve divisions and turn the hearts of terrorists.

Hour by hour, members of the Church of the Redeemer will read from the Bible. The Reverend Rickie Steenstra hopes to complete the entire Bible in about three days, beginning this afternoon.

Two people per hour sign up. One will read for 30 minutes and the other will listen, then they switch. As of Friday, the list was nearly full.

Steenstra has organized two other Bible-reading marathons in the past, one in Connecticut to celebrate completion of local church renovations, and one in Wilmington on the anniversary of racial unrest there.

The Church of the Redeemer is part of the Anglican Communion Network, formed in 2003 when the Episcopal Church embraced gay marriage and the ordination of gay priests. The Camden church has about 125 members.