A Violent Start to the New Year

For one Nash County city, a violent start to 2007 continues—Rocky Mount has suffered a rash of crime: five shootings in five days. The most recent of those occurred late Friday
Officials say just before 11 p.m. 20-year-old Marvin Braswell was shot and killed at 717-K Starling Way. Lawmen say the unidentified suspects fled in a green Dodge Stratus. Only 10 minutes later, 29-year old Danny Lee Ellis was shot at 808 Gay Street by two men now in custody. Investigators say 20-year-old Joshua Simmers and 21-year-old Joseph Wing were arrested for the Gay Street shooting. Ellis remains in critical condition.
The entire string of shootings began on Monday, when a tow-truck operator was shot by someone whose vehicle he was towing, on Wednesday a man was shot then dumped to die in the woods, and Thursday night a man was shot while being robbed. Officials say in addition to simmers and wing, suspects from the first shooting are in custody and police have warrants for suspects in the second shooting. The robbers in Thursday's shooting and Friday's murder are still at large.