Former Duke Lacrosse Player Sues

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A former Duke University lacrosse player is
suing the university, saying a professor gave him a failing grade
because he was a member of the team.
Kyle Dowd filed a lawsuit Thursday in Durham Superior Court.
Dowd graduated in May 2006, two months after a woman said she
was raped by three of his teammates at a party.
The allegations set off a tumultuous few weeks in Durham, with
almost daily protests by people who criticized lacrosse players for
a pattern of rowdy behavior.
Dowd isn't charged in the case -- but he claims that visiting
professor Kim Curtis gave him an 'F' in a politics and literature
class, because of "personal bias and prejudice."
The lawsuit says Dowd had earned C's on his assignments to that
point, and the grade nearly prevented him from graduating.
The lawsuit is seeking 60-thousand dollars in damages.