Residents Demand Answers

It was a full house again at a Wilson County commissioners' meeting as residents showed up demanding answers over the treatment of some 40 dogs they believe were victims of cruelty. The investigative subcommittee returned Tuesday with its findings at a well-attended public meeting. It issued 10 recommendations that focused more on the county's animal control than on the case of the hunting dogs. It determined that animal control is understaffed and under trained, and that a full evaluation of animal control should be conducted by an outside agency. Subcommittee member and Wilson veterinarian, Maria Glennon says the perceived neglect of the hunting dog case would be difficult to prosecute with the current state statutes regarding animal cruelty. Glennon says, "Most people could look at these dogs and say well obviously, they were neglected and I would agree with that, but there's no crime in the state of North Carolina of animal neglect. The list of recommendations will be considered by the Wilson County commissioners.