Getting Back On Track

Most of us have resolutions with the turn of the new year -- often it's losing weight, or spending more time with family. But what about recovering from drug or alcohol abuse? Its a tough issue to tackle -- but 48 year-old Archie Stanley is doing just that. Archie has been living at the Flynn Christian Home for Men in Greenville for 10 months. He landed there after nearly dying from a heart attack due to crack cocaine use. The home helps men like Archie get their lives back through religion and discipline. Omar Skinner, the director of the facility, says the new year is a perfect time to do just that, and that's what Archie is striving for. Archie has been clean now for ten and a half months. Omar says the length of stay at the home can last anywhere from a week to as long as five years. Most men find jobs and leave the home after one year.