UPDATE: Anti Same-Sex Marriage Resolution Appears Dead

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A resolution against same-sex marriage appears dead in Pitt County.

Eight protesters showed up at the county commissioners meeting after one commissioner proposed the resolution last month.

During a public comment period, two people spoke out against the resolution, while two others spoke in favor.

Afterward commissioner David Hammond would not talk about his proposal, but several other commissioners told WITN they probably would not bring up the matter again.

Protesters are planning to take the controversial issue of same-sex marriage to the streets of Greenville Monday morning.

The Pitt County Board of Commissioners is considering a resolution to formally oppose same-sex marriage. In response, gay rights advocates are planning to protest Monday morning's Pitt County Commissioner's meeting. However, the protest will start on the streets of Greenville. Six or seven people stated a small protest at the corner of Red Banks Rd. and Greenville Blvd. early Monday morning. Organizers expected the crowd to be larger at the 9 a.m. commissioner's meeting.

Pitt County Commissioner David Harmond is proposing the resolution.
"I just wanted to be one of the people to go on record to say, that I'm asking not only our board, but the other 99 counties to oppose it
whole-heartedly. I think marriage should be between a man and a woman," said Hammond to WITN in a recent interview.

Joseph Dawson, a Pitt County resident opposed to the resolution says there are more important issues the elected leaders should focus on.
"There are so many other issues our state is dealing with. With our economy and financially, we should put our focuses on things that matter right now. A resolution for or against same sex marriage isn't going to help anyone if they can't hold or keep a job," Dawson said.