Set Realistic Goals To Lose Weight

With the change of the calendar comes the change of many lifestyles, as folks make those New Year's resolutions.
The most popular is fairly easy to guess... It's lose weight. But how does a person safely diet and continue to diet long after the New Year holiday is gone? Dietitian Jackie Sugg of the Pitt County Health Department says,
"The first thing is to set a specific goal, so get into your mind how much weight you are trying to lose and one or two pounds a week is what you can see as a safe weight loss". Sugg also has a recommendation for all that tempting holiday food sitting around your home. "I encourage people to give it away, give it to family, co-workers, get it out of your house". Sugg also says a healthy family and friend support system is crucial for effective weight loss. And remember, WITN's second "Biggst Loser" competition starts next week. Make sure to tune in to WITN-7 News at Six for that starting next Tuesday!